The mute indicator can be used to either mute or unmute the current sound being output and flashes a few times to indicate when it has been pressed. Inside is the keyboard itself, an adjustable wrist-rest and a blue wallet. The keyboard comes packed in a stylish white box, and has a picture of a Cyborg which wraps round the left hand side of the packaging, which I thought was a nice touch! This may or may not be something that concerns you, but if your into your customisation and you like your colours to match with others in your system e. I liked the feel of the keys and although the keyboard is not mechanical, they were very responsive while gaming, and not once did I come across any issues during my time with the keyboard.

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Each of the individual areas are also lit dependant on v77 they were last set, as the keyboard stores this information even when not saitek cyborg v7 use. On the underside of the keyboard are 4 adjustable feet. On both the left and right hand edges saitek cyborg v7 the keyboard are the Game keys. I liked the feel of the keys and although the keyboard is not mechanical, they were very responsive while gaming, and not once did I come zaitek any issues during my time with the keyboard.

Saitek Cyborg V7 Gaming Keyboard

saitek cyborg v7 This item doesn’t belong on this page. February 4th, at There are meany good other keyboards out there, this one being one of the best I cyborf had to pleasure of owning.

Against Plasticky look Dead-action on keys. February 12th, saitek cyborg v7 It is off when in Normal Mode and can be used as normal when not using the keyboard for gaming purposes.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I easily created various macros and ssaitek commands and they worked really quite well once I got the timings correct timings can be set manually or are recorded as and when you type a key. Show More Saitek cyborg v7 Less.

Saitek Cyborg V7 Gaming Keyboard

Daitek is to lessen the wear and tear on the keys that are typically used the most. Powerful ST Programming Software — Create profiles for each game that you play in order to save different button configurations. Saitek cyborg v7 my first experience has not been tainted, as this keyboard has plenty saitek cyborg v7 backlighting customisation available.

The cable is very sturdy and thick and is of a sufficient length approx 1.

The only small downsides were from the slight bleeding of saitek cyborg v7 colours between sections next to each other and xaitek lack of the colour blue. Nobody wants RSI after long gaming sessions!

Saitek Cyborg V7 (CCBU0B) Keyboard | eBay

The touch saitek cyborg v7 strip worked well, albeit now covered in fingerprints! Enhanced multiple key presses in gaming areas for complex in-game commands.

Products You may also be interested. End of Life Notting Hill Pickup: When turned off, the indicator is still dimly lit to allow you to turn the lighting back on easily when you are gaming in the dark. Considering the size of saitek cyborg v7 keyboard, slightly larger than my existing Logitech LXit weighs roughly about the same which is really quite impressive.

You can also set a profile to load when you start your PC which I saitek cyborg v7 was a nice touch, especially if you play the same game alot and may forget to set it. The selection will deselect after a while if no other indicator controls are pressed.

Accessories & Parts

Under its Cyborg brand, it cybory accessories specifically targetted towards pro gaming. I liked the ability to be saitek cyborg v7 to quickly switch between Normal and Cyborg modes, so I could use the keyboard specifically for gaming specific key areas lit and Windows key disabled or for other purposes as and when required.

Hopefully this will help navigate to the appropriate keys quicker when needed during frantic fight sequences! Apart from this, it is a saitek cyborg v7 nice keyboard with great features!

At the rear of the keyboard, on saitek cyborg v7 right hand side, are sajtek pass-through USB 2. Most relevant reviews See saotek 8 reviews. At the far right hand side of the touch sensitive strip are the increase and decrease indicators, which are used in conjuction with the aforementioned brightness and colour indicators.

For Programmable keys Responsive touch panel. Our anti-spam protection requires that you enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to comment!