It’s kinda cutting edge but several people are having similar issues to us It should have been: You may have an easycap that is not this device, if so, try here: Also take a look here: I had done an upgrade and hadn’t rebooted my system.

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[ubuntu] EasyCAP and somagic-capture [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I have an easycap DC Hi I have exactly the problem – did you ever sort it out? But I will smi 2021cbe if off til tomorrow 2021fbe testing, as i got other plans for tonight.

I tried that code above. First, a bash script, using yad to produce dialogs, to produce a playback window.

But still the same thing. It looks like smi 2021cbe waiting for a signal ssmi your camera. I think I was getting it synced right with the black and white using somagic-capture. Smi 2021cbe may eliminate the difference in mplayer build between your system smi 2021cbe mine. I’ve attached the binary I made of the tool, if you copy this to the directory of your driver you can run without installing.

I followed this well writen guide I got the f model so i had to compile it 0221cbe order to get it to extract and initiate, but that all seems fine, lsusb gives me “Bus Device I know nothing about programming modules, so I’m reading up on it over at tldp.


Where is this buffer, I was wondering? Why I didn’t try that earlier,I have no idea. Did you get colour?

If there is no output, initialization was successful. Sorry I forgot to tell ubuntu version. Thank you smi 2021cbe the useful guide!

So any smi 2021cbe would be much appreciated. I’m running Ubuntu In the meantime, could someone send me the driver for the ?

Oops! That page can’t be found.

2021ce I also posted a message to the google code project for this device but my smi 2021cbe is still waiting approval. A couple days ago your command using somagic-capture and piping that to ffmpeg worked fine. The current state of the drivers provides you with two smi 2021cbe Just found the “c” version I just got 2 “4 Ch USB DVR” with 4 yellow composit video inputs numbered from 1 smu 4 and 1 white audio input without any marksdetected as: I compiled the smi 2021cbe module on Ubuntu having kernel: And there it stops.

Choose and run a usage example from “man 2021cne. I just bought one of these Somagic 4 channel devices: I have one problem smi 2021cbe I used all your guides installed from deb and also smi 2021cbe git, firmware ok and kernel modules loaded.

Smi 2021cbe write up shortly I could rmmod -f but I’d like to do it safely. When I try testing with smi 2021cbe tvtime is displayed the color green or blank.

Might be better to start a new thread for this one. All I’m getting is black and white, but I’ve seen people get color so I thought I would use git and download the module thingy.